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This month in our homeschool co-op I have been teaching a unit on Handel.  We started off the program learning and reviewing the instruments in the symphony, the placement of the instruments, and the instrument families.  We listened to Peter and the Wolf and began to identify the different instruments.  I brought in my laptop and we listened to each instrument and to various pieces of Handel”s.  We focused on Messiah and Water Music.  We mapped Germany and England and made some Christmas crafts from both of these countries.  We learned that advent calenders originated in Germany and we made our own version using Hershey kisses. We also made some English crackers.We also had some snacks related to the Baroque period and England and Germany.  I also came up with a great BINGO game to help them learn all the great vocabulary words we learned.  They loved this activity!  We also made this stand-up symphony…it is best to use tag board.  This is a great individual activity.  Our family is actually going to the symphony to see Messiah this month.  We are all so excited!  These are some great links which we used in the study:





I would love to hear your unit study or homeschool co-op ideas!

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